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A leading analytical systems implementation
& strategic ICT data consulting company

We are one of the leading companies in the field of analytical systems implementation and strategic ICT data consulting in East & central Africa, that provides implementation services for data warehousing, big data analytics, data integration, business intelligence, data mining, planning and budgeting, financial consolidation, business results management, risk management and master data management.

Our mission is to provide our clients with best data solutions and services through mutual engagement as a direct contractor or through our partners.

We have a team of the best business intelligence professionals who are engaged in top business data intelligence projects as project Managers and consultants.

The mix of expertise and professional engagements with various data management and analytic systems has enabled us complete both large and medium analytical and informational data projects.

Data Analytics

We use our data analytics skills to help businesses increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns & customer service efforts, respond more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Data Lakes

We help clients set up Data Lakes making the process easy as it’s simply about centralization of data, irrespective of its sources in its raw formats. However, having the knowledge and experiences of extracting meaningful insights out of all that data is not an easy task.

Data Visualization

We craft and build beautiful visualizations that provide meaningful data to our clients and their stakeholders for easy decision making. We use some of the best visualization services, software and cutting edge tools in the market to come up with beautiful actionable dashboards.


Our Services

Data Analytics

We help you analyze raw data sets in order to find trends, insights and draw conclusions about the information

Data Visualization

We help you craft and build beautiful visualizations that provide meaningful data to your clients, stakeholders or management

Automated Data Entry

We automate data entry in most of the information management systems using intelligent scripts, thus eliminating human errors during data entry.

Data Lakes

We help you set up centralized repositories to help you capture and store structured and unstructured data

Data Pipelines

We help you develop data pipelines, either from scratch or using the services provided by major cloud platform vendors


We offer expert trainings on data visualization and analytics that can be delivered on-site for client organizations or at convenient locations

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